About Cornea Society of India

The field of "Cornea" has evolved as a sub-specialty of Ophthalmology especially in the past two decades. Advances in diagnostic instrumentation, surgical technology, and innovative surgical techniques have led to tremendous evolution in the field of corneal transplantation. Diagnostic and surgical procedures now interpret the cornea as a layered structure, and not just a single 0.5mm of clear tissue. Newer procedures such as collagen crosslinking, intra-corneal implants, anterior lamellar keratoplasty, endothelial keratoplasty, & femtosecond laser refractive surgery have changed the traditional approach to managing corneal disorders. In order to stay up to date with recent developments, we need to share our knowledge and experience as a group both at the national level and internationally across the globe.

Such a need in the field of Cornea, beckoned the formation of the " Cornea Society of India " - a fortified forum for the corneal fraternity in the country. The CSI aims to formulate current practice patterns, facilitate fellowships, and encourage scientific discussions with a primary goal to enhance patient care and management. It intends to evolve, with time, into a comprehensive guiding force, in the field of Cornea and External Diseases.

Office Bearers

Dr Geetha Iyer
Dr Pravin Krishna V
Dr Vikas Mittal
Dr Himanshu Matalia
President Elect
Dr Nikhil S Gokhale
Past President
Executive Committee Members
Dr Rajesh Fogla
Dr Quresh B Maskati
Dr Samar K Basak
Dr Srinivas K Rao
Dr Namrata Sharma
Dr Jnanankar Medhi
Dr Paras Mehta

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