EBAI-SightLife Cornea Distribution System (CDS)

A joint project of the Eye Bank Association of India and SightLife to provide a platform for distribution of tissues in excess of local demands.

CDS Objectives

  • Ensure all optical tissues find a needy recipient.
  • Provide tissues that have met healthcare quality standards in eye banking.
  • Maximize utilization of transplantable tissues after offering to local community.
  • Provide access to tissues to corneal patients/ surgeons across the country.
  • Ensure fair and equitable distribution of tissues based on medical standard.
  • Provide acceptable cost support to concerned eye bank based HOTA provision.
  • Have transparent processes for matching tissues.
  • Dedicated team supporting process Monday - Friday.

Key highlights

  • All policies recommended by three committees - Steering Committee, Distribution Committee, Surgeon Advisory Committee - which included Corneal Surgeons, Eye Bank Executives and Board Members and Subject Matter Experts.
  • Medical policies include prioritization of tissue requests (Emergency, Child, Bilateral, etc), standardization in contraindications and tissue evaluation, standardizing approval of tissue usage.
  • Distribution of tissues is prioritized on the basis of patient information and request time.
  • Mandatory standardization in contraindications and tissue evaluation for all eye banks distributing tissues through CDS.
  • Commitment of eye banks to community distribution first.
  • Request-based system for distribution of tissues. All surgeons have to submit request in advance.
  • Standard processing charges for all eye banks allowed as per HOTA Act.
  • All optical tissues are in intermediate-term storage media.

How can a corneal surgeon join EBAI-SL CDS System?

  • Training in cornea department or fellowship in cornea.
  • Mandatory HOTA certificate for transplant centre.
  • Submission of Corneal Surgeon Database Form.
  • Call CDS @ 09811707276, 011-41383521, or write to prashant.tewari@sightlife.org, or call EBAI at 040-23545454 for more details.

How CDS works?

How CDS works?

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